Thursday, November 20, 2014

Road Trip Entertainment

I rarely do a blog post with no pictures, but I wanted to share my favorite road trip entertainment with you - podcasts! Do you listen to podcasts? I do all the time: driving to meetings, while working from home, on long flights, and on road trips. If I know I have a long trip coming I will hold off on listening to my favorites so that I have lots to listen to... Here are some of my favorites: 

1. This American Life - Sometimes I'll be listening to This American Life on my drive home, and even though I'm listening through my iPhone, not on the radio, I sit in my car in front of my house to finish the story, I'm that riveted. Each week there is a theme, then three or four stories that are produced and told based on that theme. This show has made me laugh out loud, cry, and often make my husband sit through a re-telling of what I listened to. They've talked about politics, family life, school - it's just snippets from everyday life, sometimes by someone with a similar life to you, and sometimes a snippet in the life of someone very different. 

2. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - A hilarious news/game. Kind of like if John Stewart/The Daily Show and Jeopardy had a love child. They do a series of games based on current events, but they involve a panel of guest comedians, a celebrity contestant, and pretty great writing. Sometimes, if I've really been living in a bubble of work/life, it serves as my main news source of the week. Don't judge.

3. Serial - A new podcast from the producers of This American Life. They plan on telling one long true story each season {like a tv series} with new information and subplots each week. In this first season, it's the story of a man in prison who is roughly my age who was accused of killing his ex-girlfriend during his senior year of high school. It's hard to know whether he's guilty or innocent, if he received a fair trial, and each week we hear more and more {and each week I walk away still unsure of his guilt or innocence.}

4. The Moth - Another story telling podcast, but very different from the other two listed above. The other two have producers, so it's a combination of their voice over and interviews with various people in the story, edited all together. The Moth is someone standing on stage telling their version of a true story that happened to them, like a monologue. I've heard the most amazing stories, like a woman who moved to Bahrain to be a girlfriend of the prince. Another podcast that I often insist on retelling to my husband when he's home from work...

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Tabletop

I love holiday decorating. Even though we aren't hosting any fall get-togethers, I went out to buy a handful of mini-pumpkins, just for me to enjoy. And even though I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year {my family is just too large to squeeze into my small house} I love thinking about Thanksgiving tabletop decorating.


images 1 and 3 // I love the idea of incorporating herbs as decorations. Maybe it's just putting a sprig of herbs at each place-setting. Or if you are looking to have a gift for each guest, maybe it's a potted herb {like sage} for each guest to take home.

image 2 // A hand-written menu elevates any dinner party. And this one, written on the bread bag, is simple and a great touch!

image 4 // I think it's fair to say, we all went a little glitter crazy a few years ago. But I still think that little touches here and there are fun. I love these glitter leaves {just keep them far away from the food and dining table - I have yet to do a glitter craft that doesn't leave a trail of glitter on whatever it touches!}

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oh My

The Rug Company recently debuted a new rug by Diane Von Furstenberg called "Python Glory." It certainly is! 


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Five Favorite Decor Sites

I have a hard time buying clothes online {I like to get out to the stores and feel how things fit and feel} but I love shopping for home goodies online. Fortunately most stores have great return policies, and it allows you to shop at stores all over the country! Here is a round up of my five favorite online stores.


Lulu & Georgia {pink rug} - They sell the most gorgeous, interesting and current rugs. It's one of the first places I check when looking for a good rug. And they have other great things, like furniture, accessories and lighting.

High Street Market {brass and marble tray} - This online shop was started by a design school classmate of mine. She sells the best vintage finds, as well as new accessories {like this tray}, furniture, lighting, door hardware... Lots of great things I can't find in local LA stores!  

Calypso Home {Moroccan wedding blanket} - They have a shop here in LA, but anyone can shop their website. They have great pillows, throws and accessories. I really love their Moroccan wedding blanket - I keep mine draped over the back of my sofa and love the subtle bling it brings to my house.

Arianna Belle {python pillow} - I've shared my love for this pillow shop before. It's great - she picks the best designer fabrics and sells them as pillows. And you know I have a real obsession with pillows.

Furbish Studio {zebra tray} - One of my favorite online shops for accessories - I'd love to visit the actual store in Raleigh, NC. But until I make the trip, I've got the online shop to play around on!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dark or Light

Dark or light in the bedroom? I love them both.


clockwise from top left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Laundry Time

There is only one room in my house that has been ignored {design-wise} - the laundry room! We don't have a ton of wall space, so wallpaper doesn't make a lot of sense. The ceilings aren't tall enough for a fun light fixture. But it would be nice to put my stamp on it after living in this house for 6 1/2 years! While I figure out what to do in my laundry room, here are some images of laundry-gorgeousness {yes, laundry can be well-designed too!}


clockwise from top left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Goldilocks of Kitchens

I really like this kitchen - it's not too light or too dark, it's just right!


Image via here
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