Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Curtis Jere

My love for design of the 60's and 70's includes the metal sculptures of Curtis Jere. His work reminds me of the design of "you-know-who" (I've already done TWO posts about him this week, so I cannot mention his name a third time for fear of being labeled a stalker.) His metal work ranges from delicate and feminine to rough and raw (another great adult film title... where's my head this week?) Below see my favorite picks of Curtis Jere work currently on sale at 1st dibs.

Feminine pom-pom wall hanging. From StellarUnion @ 1st Dibs

From Stripe @ 1st Dibs

From John Norwood Antiques @ 1st Dibs

I was never really into those Starburst/mirror/wall hangings (ok, maybe for like 5 minutes), but this one is my speed. From Talisman @ 1st Dibs

I want this one. In my house. (Birthday? Hanukah? St Patrick's Day?) From WrightNow @ 1st Dibs

Great 70's coke den wall sconce. From Duel @ 1st Dibs

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Anonymous said...

Lee likes anything with the word coke in it.

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